A Guitar Made Out Of Clay? The History of The Ceramic Guitar Unveiled

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A Guitar Made Out Of Clay? The History of The Ceramic Guitar Unveiled

ceramic guitar.jpg

With the help of his mate Erick Coleman, Dan dated the different parts of the guitar to establish a range of years it could’ve been made in. The tuners were pre-1965 Klusons, the pickup was a Gibson P90 from the same era, as was the Tune-O-Matic bridge, and the volume and tone knobs were produced between 1962 and the early 70s. Whilst the name of the maker was pressed into the clay, most of it was unable to be read, so they went to the internet for answers.


Eventually they found that it was made by Jake Kindlesparker, a fellow Ohio inhabitant in 1965. The family of Kindlesparker filled in the gaps of the story and told Dan that he made about six of these guitars in the 60s. The one that they had was the first produced, and it was drawn in the patent application which was approved in 1968. However, they still didn’t know how he actually made it, so Dan headed on down to Ohio University to talk to the pottery experts.


A whole lot of ceramic jargon later, and it was pretty much agreed that Kindlesparker was a pretty clever bloke who made a pretty impressive guitar. In the end of the video Dan fixes the guitar by putting in a new bridge to make it playable, and plays it for all of three seconds, which frustrates almost every person in the comments section. It does sound pretty cool though for the three seconds he plays it, and its an interesting story nonetheless, which you can check out below.