Introducing VocalSynth: The Newest Plugin From iZotope

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Introducing VocalSynth: The Newest Plugin From iZotope

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Just released from the software geniuses at iZotope is VocalSynth – a uniquely powerful and creative plugin that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for singers and producers everywhere.

VocalSynth enables you to manipulate your voice to create electronic vocal textures, robot sounds, computerised harmonies, vocoder and talkbox effects, thick octaves or doubles, and everything in between.

The software has four vocal engines: robotic vocals (Vocoder), organic harmonies (Polyvox), glitchy digital speech (Compuvox), and singing synthesised sounds (Talkbox).

With VocalSynth, you have specialised vocal effects, allowing you to add edgy or tasteful distortion, filters, speaker convolution modelling, beat-repeating madness, and wide stereo delays. It also features pitch correction, so you can correct off-key notes in your vocals with real-time pitch correction with natural-sounding results.

Rounding out the features is the streamlined voice generation; add harmonies, octaves, or unisons in Auto mode, or get the exact harmony voicings you want.

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