Genelec launch eco-friendly new RAW monitor series

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Genelec launch eco-friendly new RAW monitor series

The RAW series utilise Genelec’s famous two-way designs with minimum diffraction enclosures, with the cast aluminium enclosures providing a much more rigid structure and large internal volume. Genelec also claim that the shape of the enclosure makes for a flat frequency response and precise imaging, ensuring that they still pack a punch while sounding crystal clear. 


Given that the cast aluminum enclosures are made from recycled materials and deliberately left unpainted and unfinished, Genelec are touting the RAW series as being eco-friendly. Thankfully, they still look incredible, and the raw finish almost gives them a rustic sheen – they’re eye catching, to say the least. 



Genelec are set to deck out a wide range of studio monitors, AV installation and home speakers in this RAW finish, which means you can even get these industrial looking things installed in your living room or corporate space if you please. In the studio market, however, the finish will be offered on 8020D, 8030C and 8040B active nearfield monitors.


For more information on Genelec products in Australia, get in touch with Studio Connections.