Gallien-Krueger introduce the Legacy bass amplifier family

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Gallien-Krueger introduce the Legacy bass amplifier family

First introduced to the market in 1980, the 800RB amplifier provided bassists with a powerful and versatile amplifier which didn’t lack on the tonal front. The Legacy series aims to replicate this success within the modern market, with 500, 800 and 1200 watt class D models available for purchase. 


Gallien-Krueger’s Legacy range boasts a unique interconnection system comprises of circuit boards with gold plated connectors, ensuring that the amp delivers a pure and reliable sound regardless of how much abuse it’s copped from rumbling low frequencies. Elsewhere, the amplifiers offer typical tone shaping options such as a four band EQ, overdrive, Bump, Contour and Presence controls, Balanced DI outputs with Pre and Post EQ settings, FX loop, aux and headphone connections and more. 


Check out how the range sounds below – these bad boys are available to purchase around the country now. 



Gallien-Krueger is distributed nationwide via Electric Factory.