Behringer Tease Clip Of New Analogue Synth

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Behringer Tease Clip Of New Analogue Synth


In an excruciating one-minute clip, we see various musicians reacting to the synth, including Vile Electrodes and Allert Aalders, but never actually get a good view of what it looks like. However, has been able to deduce that it probably has “a full-sized keyboard, a well-spaced out control set and wooden end cheeks”.


Few details have been announced, and there are no clues on when the release date might be, but in a the Facebook post releasing the video, Behringer said, “She is analog. She is discrete. She sounds amazing. And she is REAL!!!”, no doubt channelling the classic Seinfeld line; “They’re real, and they’re spectacular”.


In 2014, Uli Behringer said, “I am of the clear opinion that today’s analogue synthesizers are simply too expensive”, so hopefully this synth comes in at a price that is pretty cheap. Fans are also hopeful that it will be released soon, with the years of waiting (since 2014) too much for some.


For more information… wait. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot out there at the moment. However, you can check out or in the meantime to satisfy your Behringer cravings.