Friedman Amplification launches the JJ Junior amp

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Friedman Amplification launches the JJ Junior amp

Capitalising on the raging sucess of the signature JJ-100, which both Friedman and Cantrell spent years labouring over, the Friedman JJ Junior offers a much more affordable and practical solution to achieve Cantrell’s signature saturated tone without blowing a bag (and your back) on a big 100 watt monster. 



The JJ Junior squeezes all the tone of the original behemoth into a downsized 20 watt package, which is available in either combo or head form to suit the preferences of all rock dogs. The amp features two EL84 power tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tones to create its huge tones, while the combo version of the amplifier boasts a gnarly 12″ Celecstion 16ohm G12M Creamback to provide dirty Vox inspired tones.


Just like the JJ-100, the Friedman JJ Junior includes a JBE voicing switch for a high gain, saturated sound, as well as both Dirty and Clean channels to flick between with a global presence knob offering further tonal flexibility. There’s also an XLR Cab Simulated output with Ground Lift, Axis and Level switches for speakerless recording, as well as an included footswitch, effects loop, impendance selector and more. 



To satisfy Cantrell’s desired guitar style, the JJ Junior was specifically designed to work a treat when paired with boost and overdrive pedals, with the ultra-transparent effects loop being perfect to feed modualtion and delay effects into. Like all Friedman Amplification products, the JJ Junior is handwired and designed to the absolute upmost of standards – you’ll be getting nothing but the real deal here. 




Find out more about the JJ Junior over at Friedman’s official webpage