First Of Its Kind: The 3D Printed Aluminium Guitar

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First Of Its Kind: The 3D Printed Aluminium Guitar


We have already seen what 3D printing is capable of, not so long ago featuring ODD Guitars’ Steampunk 3D printed guitar. Like that aesthetically tantalising instrument, the Heavy Metal guitar embodies a Telecaster in everything from shape to make.


Designed by experienced Swedish design engineer Olaf Diegel, the guitar is equipped with a Warmoth custom neck, Seymour Duncan pickups and the aforementioned diamond tread-plate Tele style body.


The front and back of the body are made of barbed wire and metal roses, creating a unique conceptual identity; it’s industrial, a metal piece of powerful machinery through and through. Many of these design decisions were made as an experiment to see how far they could push 3D printing, and to better understand its capabilities.


Without playing the guitar or getting any indication of its tone, it looks to be an overwhelming success – they managed to print the body as a single piece with the help of Xilloc in Holland.


There’s no price as of yet, but if past models are any indication, it won’t come cheap. 


Watch the clip below to see how a 3D Printed Guitar is made. 



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