Build Your Own Synth With The Moog DIY Kit

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Build Your Own Synth With The Moog DIY Kit


Synth legends unleash a DIY synthesiser for the average joe.

Synthesiser giants Moog have released another DIY kit for building a synth, with this one even more accessible and easier to build than their previous versions.

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The design is so simple that anyone with a screwdriver and a few brain cells can build it, and that was Moog’s intention. Education is a big part of Moog’s philosophy, and so they hope that by building the machine the user gets to know a little about the function of monophonic analog synths.

“We were going around hosting these workshops teaching both kids and adults to operate subtractive synthesisers,” says Moog project engineer Chris Howe.

The new kit is based on the Werkstatt-01 Analog Synth Kit from 2014, and at US$219 it looks like being a very affordable into to Moog Synthesis (given their entry level machines go for a hell of a lot more than that). Whilst it’s not a full on synthesiser, the Werkstatt has some handy features, including resonance control, waveform control, a nine octave range and a 20-point patch bay, allowing even beginners to get at some pretty out-there sounds.

Check out the original Werkstatt-01 in action below:

For more information, visit: Moog is distributed Australia-wide via Audio Chocolate