TC Electronic Unveils New Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver Pedal

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TC Electronic Unveils New Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver Pedal


The Sub ‘N’ Up is equipped with a next generation octave-engine and four individual controls, providing unprecedented versatility and customisation.


With blend controls for dry, octave up and two sub-octaves there’s a great deal of expression here – lending itself to the use of bold chords, and subtle single-note lines. As such fluid polyphonic tracking is achieved with ease. But the Sub ‘N’ Up also manages to capture the seductive curves of old-school octaver tones as a classic monophonic octaver.


The pedal is, of course, TonePrint enabled, meaning it can be used with the TonePrint Editor. Add phasing. flanging, chorus, or construct your own sound from the ground up – your own creativity is really the only boundary when it comes to producing unique pitches with modulation.


The Sub ‘N’ Up has completed the TC Electronic guitar pedal family, only reinforcing their reputation for mastering modern technologies with uncompromising authenticity.



For more information visit TC Electronic is distributed nationally by Amber Technology.