Fender release new Mustang GTX modelling amplifiers

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Fender release new Mustang GTX modelling amplifiers

The new series improves on various aspects from the original run, with the notable addition of a Celestion FSD-100 12″ speaker which is actually voiced as a guitar speaker, not just a regular hi-fi speaker. The GTX has also received a cosmetic makeover to spruce it up a bit for onstage performance, with the new models looking much more like a Blues Jr. and a lot less like a bedroom combo, which a lot of people will be very happy about. 


The new Mustang amps also features new effects, amp models, global EQ settings and presets, which can all be tweaked and chosen via the Fender Tone 3.0 app. They’ve also been tightened up a bit to make sure the signal paths maintains its clarity at all times, and there’s even a seven button footswitch available to make using the inbuilt looper a hell of a lot easier. You’re also able to put your effects anywhere you choose in your signal path, which is usually a feature reserved for high-end modelling units.


Fender have produced a new video deep-diving into all of the Mustang GTX50 and GTX100’s features, which you can check out below. 



Check out the range on Fender’s website