Fender Bulks Up Deluxe Line With Nine New Additions

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Fender Bulks Up Deluxe Line With Nine New Additions


All of the classic Fender guitars are represented in the new offering, with new Strats, Telecasters, and Precision and Jazz basses all being introduced. With a number of slight changes and small differences from each other, all of these guitars offer something a little bit different.


Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele

The Nashville Tele features a Strat pickup sandwiched by a Tele pickup each in the neck and bridge positions with five-way switching for various pickup combinations. It’s not only in the pickups where this guitar differs slightly from other Telecasters, a modern six-saddle string-through-body bridge with block saddles provides increased sustain and a thicker, chunkier tone.


Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat

This Strat screams variety, with tones available from ‘wiry single-coil spank to high-output sound’, perfect for someone who needs a lot of different sounds in one guitar. Fitted with a six-position V6 switch which offers six extra tonal variations, the guitar is seriously versatile.


Fender Deluxe Strat

The star of this guitar is the push/pull mini switch located between the tone controls. It activates the bridge pickup in positions four and five on the selector, which opens up heaps of options tonally. This Strat combines modern technology with the classic Fender style to deliver a reliable instrument for the studio and the stage.


Fender Deluxe Strat HSS

This guitar differs from the others in this release with its Twin Head Vintage humbucking pickup in the bridge position. For a fat sounding guitar with traditional Strat tones on tap you can’t go past this axe.


Fender Deluxe Tele Thinline

The most stylish of the 2016 Deluxe guitars, this Tele reeks of class. Not limited by the traditional Telecaster two pickup setup, it is fitted with unique four-way switching. The fourth position features a ‘hotter output and punchier midrange’ by combining the bridge and neck pickups in series.


Fender Deluxe Precision Bass Special

Packed with a Precision Bass pickup in the middle position and a noiseless Jazz Bass bridge pickup, the sound can be contoured to a whole range of different sounds with a three band active EQ onboard. The active/passive switch further opens up the possibilities, allowing for vintage styled and modern tones to be accessed.


Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass/Jazz Bass V

With a pair of noiseless Jazz Bass pickups, this bass is punchy enough to cut through a mix, but still retains its low end rumble and its clarity. Also introduced is a five string model of this bass.


Fender Deluxe Dimension Bass/Dimension Bass V

A newcomer to the Fender bass family, this is the instrument for the ‘working musician’, according to Fender. At an accessible price point, there are some interesting features, including a pair of humbucking pickups for beefy lows and punchy mids, an 18v preamp and active three-band EQ. This offers a decent enough bass at an affordable price, and its also available in a five string model.




For more information, visit: fender.com.au