Fender debuts Engager Boost, Pelt Fuzz and Full Moon Distortion pedals

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Fender debuts Engager Boost, Pelt Fuzz and Full Moon Distortion pedals

Each pedal is designed to be suitable for guitarists at all stages of their musical journey. Whether you’re looking for your first ever stompbox or adding a totally necessary newbie to your pedalboard, Fender is sure you’ll find the perfect choice amongst their ever-growing pedal lineup.


Engineered with insight from professional musicians and industry experts, the three new pedals act as what Fender describes as “the next step for the brand’s continual commitment to the category.”


Featuring all-original circuitry, the pedals feature signature Fender aesthetics, patent-applied-for magnetically-latched 9V battery doors, and enclosures that can withstand heavy-duty use.



Offers 20 decibels of boost, adjustable on-board three-band EQ shapes, and precise tone shaping through a Frequency switch. The Engager Boost also features true and buffered bypass to blend seamlessly into any setting.



Expect to find familiar controls (Level, Fuzz, Tone) on the Pelt Fuzz, plus a Bloom control for shaping sound contours. This silicon-based stompbox offers tonal flexibility through functions such as the Mid switch for voicing options and Thick switch for extra girth.



Unleash sonic mayhem with the Full Moon’s high-gain tone, three-band EQ, high-treble filter and huge range of sound-shaping options. A separate footswitch is included, while the pedal also features a Texture switch for clipping modes and Bite switch to bring out pick attack.


“After our first official step into the pedals space in February, we were eager to unlock even more possibilities for today’s players and creators looking to expand their tonal palette,” said Stan Cotey, VP of Product Innovation at Fender. “It’s the unique feature sets and combinations that make this second wave of effects pedals stand out.


“The Full Moon Distortion is our first-ever high gain effects pedal designed to create a broad range of modern, aggressive tones that today’s hard rock and metal guitarists crave, the Pelt Fuzz pedal provides added tonal flexibility with both vintage- and modern-style effects, while The Engager Boost gives players sonic transparency, colourful tone-shaping capabilities and aggressive gain to cut through any mix.”


For more information on Fender products, see Fender Music Australia.


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