Line 6 debuts Shuriken Variax SR250 at Summer NAMM

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Line 6 debuts Shuriken Variax SR250 at Summer NAMM

The SR250 features specs in line with the original SR270, such as Line 6’s powerful Variax HD technology — offering access to a wide range of guitar models and alternate tunings — and unique contoured body shape. The guitars were designed through a collaboration between Shuriken Guitars, Line 6, and Yamaha Guitar Development.


In terms of differences between the two models, the main element altered on the SR250 is a traditional 25.5″ scale length as opposed to the SR270’s 27″ baritone scale.


“The original Shuriken Variax guitar has been embraced by guitarists who appreciate the limitless creative possibilities it provides,” said Marcus Ryle, co-founder and President of Line 6, in a press release. “The Shuriken Variax SR250 offers guitarists the choice of a familiar 25.5″ scale length or, with the SR270, players get a longer 27″ scale length. Both guitars offer unmatched versatility for any performance scenario.”


Line 6 is distributed in Australia through Yamaha Music Australia.


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