Etymotic Earplugs

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Etymotic Earplugs


It’s one of the cruelties of life. Those who require the sense most are the ones most at risk of losing it. It’s a big enough issue as a punter going to see bands week in, week out, but it’s an even bigger issue rehearsing in tight, rigid spaces. Plenty of us have tried putting those stock standard dollar-a-pop earplugs in, only to fifind the sound so mufflfled that even your own thoughts seem louder than your playing.


Fortunately there are products out there put together to remedy this exact issue. Etymotic Earplugs are purpose built to protect musician’s ears, while retaining some of the high frequencies that are so important to comprehending your own performance. They’re tough enough to withstand the rigours of rehearsal and performance alike, and come at a very reasonable cost. What’s the point in dropping thousands of dollars on a new guitar or amp if you can’t even hear it? 

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