A Sharp Recording Studio

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A Sharp Recording Studio


Recently, new owner Richard Lake has completely transformed A Sharp Studios with a major renovation, whose vision with the team of audio engineers is to make this recording studio one of the best in terms of results, working living environment, equipment and rates. 


At A Sharp Recording Studio, the team have integrated Analogue with the Digital. With a Solid State Logic AWS 948 console with super analogue pre-amps in line with 48 channels of AVID HD I/O convertors and Pro Tools HDX running PT 11 or 10, the engineers are able to find the best of both worlds. At any stage of the recording process, tracking, playback or audio mixing the console adds it’s analogue sonic imprint to the music. 


A Sharp today represents acoustics that you can trust, a ton of equipment, efficiency, confidence and a wealth of experience. With a brand new control room, mixing / editing room and 4 isolated areas in which to record, A Sharp is easily now one of the most sophisticated recording studios in Sydney. 


For more info, visit www.asharp.com.au.