Fender Reveal Five New Offset Guitars and Basses

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Fender Reveal Five New Offset Guitars and Basses


Drip feeding fans for months, the first glimpse of the Offset series was caught at Summer NAMM earlier this year, but since then many have been speculating if the actual series would come to fruition. Now confirmed by the guitar giants themselves, Fender’s new Offset series offer an easy to use range of guitars and basses, which has trademarked asymmetrical body shapes and short 24″ (30″ for mustang basses) scale lengths with hardtail bridges.

The new Offset series offers four distinct guitars (Duo-Sonic, Duo Sonic HS, Mustang, Mustang 90) and a Fender Mustang Bass PJ. Each guitar and bass is fitted with a C-shaped maple neck, making it ideal for players with smaller hands. The guitar’s slim design is built for enduring energetic stage performances and minimal build allows a rich increased sustain which unlike any smaller guitar series in the past.  

Each guitar is fitted with a hardtail Strat string-through bridge, allowing a punchier tone to cut through and stand out in live performances. The Mustang bass has a weight-reduced design, giving the player a high degree of comfort while pushing out powerful tones with its P Bass and J Bass traditional pickups. Each guitar in the series is designed for playing live, adapting to the players energy, the light scaled guitars and bass bring a new dimension to Fender’s range and open a new lane for their future.



For more details on the range of Fender guitars and basses, visit Fender.com.au.