Elektron release firmware updates for Analog Rytm, Analog Four and Analog Heat

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Elektron release firmware updates for Analog Rytm, Analog Four and Analog Heat

The firmware update, which is now available for Elektron users to download via the company’s website, now allows for Analog Rythm and Analog Four machines to control external gear via MIDI and USB, addressing one of the key critiques of the original units. Now that the sequencers of these machines are able to output MIDI notes, you’ll be able to integrate them as the centrepiece of your live rig – it’s definitely a big improvement that’ll make a lot of users very happy. 


Other features added in the new firmware update include Scale per Track options, which Digitone and Digitakt users will be familiar with, allowing for individual tempo assignments to each pattern in a project. There’s also Parameter Randomization to add some quirky modulations to your sequences, which offers itself as a great little performance tool, while MKII users will get a new Multiple Quick Performance Control to assign multiple performance macros to the Quick Performance Control.



Analog Heat users will also get a share of these new features, with the firmware update allowing for the unit to now stream audio over USB, tap-tempo and patch transfering via SysEx. MKII users get Overbridge plug-in support and a nifty screensaver function to turn off the screeen after an hour of idle time. 


All Elektron firmware updates will also load a fresh lot of colourful graphics into your machines, with new looks for filter, envelope and effect parameters. It’s pretty refreshing to see a company like Elektron continue to support their products and listen to what the people want – ultimately, it’ll create better products in the long run. 


Head to Elektron to grab the firmware update now, and hit up Innovative Music for all things Elektron in the Australian market.