PRS announces even more new models, upgraded pickups

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PRS announces even more new models, upgraded pickups

Notably, PRS are planning to release brand new Custom 24 models to celebrate their 35th anniversary, which’ll be available in both SE, S2 and Core series. The head honcho Sof the company, Mr. Paul Reed Smith, reflected on the success of the brand in a statement accompanying the announcement, saying “It’s special what is going on at PRS right now… We wanted to capture that by celebrating the guitar that helped put us on the map: the Custom 24. These models have new special pickups and switching system, and they sound and play great. The humbuckers are balanced, and the single coils are musical and full.” 



On top of that, Paul Reed Smith are also reviving the original design 1994 of the McCarty, adding in features such as a one-piece stoptail bridge, vintage style tuners and a bone nut. There’s also brand new finishes and TCI pickups – another significant update for the company. According to PRS, TCI is a process the company introduced last year to tune the inductance and capacitance of a certain model’s pickups, and the results were so good that they’re now adding them to all PRS pickups made in 2020. 



Smith also touched on these new developments in his statement, saying that  “We’ve gone through every pickup we are currently offering in our line up and used the TCI process to fine tune every model to sound exactly as we want it to,” says Paul Reed Smith. “To our ears, the results are very musical. We are very proud of how far we’ve come in the understanding and making of pickups. It’s been a fun process.”



If that’s not enough, PRS are also updating their finishing process, which is now a variation of the PRS Private Stock high-gloss nitro with a cellulose CAB basecoat for a ‘thin, hard and clear’ finish with enhanced resonance. They’re also offering more vintage-inspired, less-glossy finishes on the previously announced SE Vela and S2 models – what a day. 


Hit up Electric Factory for all Paul Reed Smith enquiries in Australia.