Electro-Harmonix release the Nano Operation Overlord

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Electro-Harmonix release the Nano Operation Overlord

One thing that sticks out about the Nano Operation Overlord is the three-position input level switch at the top right corner of the pedal, which lets you flick between Hi, Normal and Lo levels. This means you’ll be able to plug your guitar, bass and keyboard all into the pedal to utilise its crispy driven tones, making it suitable for multi-instrumentalists or players looking to make the most out of a single JFET drive pedal. 


With controls for Bass, Mid, Treble as well as Gain, Volume and Dry, the Nano Operation Overlord definitely gives you a lot to play with, especially when you throw in the Boost function tucked into the top left corner of the pedal. This little button, which can also be triggered via an external footswitch, will kick your low / medium gain sound into scorching overdrive, letting you achieve those huge JFET drive sounds on any instrument.



Check out how it sounds in Electro-Harmonix’s official demonstration video above.


Electro-Harmonix is distributed in Australia via Vibe Music