Waldorf unveil the 128 voice Kyra synthesiser

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Waldorf unveil the 128 voice Kyra synthesiser

The Kyra utilises FPGA (field programmable gate array) integrated circuitry to power up to 128 voices of creamy virtual analogue synth syrup, resulting in an extremely powerful unit for pads and sound effects. It features an eight part multi-timbral machine with up to 32 voices for part, as well as a wide array of filters (128 in dual or single mode), envelopes, LFOs, a modulation matrix and a versatile effects section, essentially making the Kyra eight synths in one. It’s fat.



The Waldorf Kyra features stereo audio and a 96kHz response via four balanced stereo outputs, ensuring that all your sounds are incredibly high quality for tracking and performing. The synth sound is constructed with two oscillator groups, each with a sawtooth, pulsewidth or one of the 4,096 wavetables available inside the unit, all of which are detunable and can be fattened up with two sub oscillators.


There’s also options for hard sync, ring modulation and FM synthesis in between the parts, while a Hypersaw mode creates another six (!!!!) oscillators to make a huge, beefy sound – there’s also enhanced control over the intensity and spread of these oscillators. If that’s not enough, you can even utilise Dual Mode to double it up to 12 oscillators – sheeeesh. Hear how it sounds in action below.



The Waldorf Kyra also boasts a pretty formidable arpeggiator section with 128 patterns, with random and chord modes included. The arpeggiator can also be assigned to a patch, making it easy to pull up your preferred arpeggiator preset at the press of a button. There’s also room for 26 banks of 128 patches (do the maths – that’s a lot), and the unit looks like an absolute futurist treat. I can’t wait to get my mitts all over this thing!


Waldorf is distributed in the domestic market via Link Audio