Electro-Harmonix launch the polyphonic Pitch Fork+

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Electro-Harmonix launch the polyphonic Pitch Fork+

Boasting two fully controllable pitch-shifting engines to create +/- 3 octaves of polyphonic pitch-shifting with a de-tune range of +/- 99 cents, it’s possible that the Pitch Fork + is one of the most packed harmoniser units released in years. The unit features two footswitches to navigate through menus, and comes with 10 factory presets, with enough storage to fit an additional 100 custom presets onboard.


The Pitch Fork + also makes use of eight modes, which includes cross-modulation to create FM and ring modulated tones, as well as a Latch mode based on the original Pitch Fork, albeit with better Momentary mode functionality.  


Both pitch-shifted engines feature their own independent volume controls, which can be tweaked in tandem with the dry volume to create uncanny tones. There’s also Main and Auxiliary outputs with multiple routing options, while an expression pedal input lets you remotely control Frequency, Glissando and Volume.


Listen to the unit in action below. The sheer sonic versatility of this pedal is simply mind-blowing, and in the right hands, it could be an absolute weapon – we can’t wait to check them out. 



Electro-Harmonix are distributed in Australia through Vibe Music.