Pioneer DJ debut the new CDJ-3000 media player

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Pioneer DJ debut the new CDJ-3000 media player

Four years after the launch of the industry-standard CDJ-2000NXS2, Pioneer DJ have unveiled the latest successor to their CDJ series, with the CDJ-3000 bringing a heap of new features and functions to the table in order to maintain Pioneer’s market stranglehold.

Featuring a heavy duty MPU processor, the CDJ-3000 is made to run far smoother and faster than its predecessors, fitted with two chips to ensure track previewing, beat matching and track loading is faster and more effective. The internal audio processing has also been upgraded to 96 kHz / 32-bit, and is compatible with all audio formats.

Control is provided by a smattering of knobs and a 9″ touch screen to allow for a much faster workflow, letting you navigate tracks and set cue points with absolute ease. There’s also two new features, Key Sync and Key Shift, to let you mix your tracks in key for a seamless DJing experience, while a new stacked waveform mode lets you simplify your mix process without needing to move between controllers.

Elsewhere, the CDJ-3000 also provides eight extra hot cue buttons, and is compatible with rekordbox, USB, SD Cards and even iPhone connectivity. However, there is one absent feature worth noting – there’s no CD slot to be seen on the CDJ-3000, once again reflecting the impending death of the format with the modern DJ.

Check out all the features in action in the demo below. Of course, these units aren’t going to fall into the hands of many of us amateurs, but we’ve got our fingers crossed they find their way into nightclubs whenever they properly reopen.

Get in touch with Jands to find out more about the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 today.