Catalinbread unleash wild new Coriolis pedal

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Catalinbread unleash wild new Coriolis pedal

Named after the classical mechanics phenomenon where a trajectory becomes altered due to a rotating frame of reference, the Coriolis offers three parameters to drastically alter your guitar signal. The Velocity and Acceleration controls of the pedal allow for extensive shaping over the pitch and sweeping filter effects, while the Position helps to control the wet/dry mix of the pedal.


The Coriolis also features a nifty Hold button to create stuttering sampled madness or endlessly sustained chords when depressed, offering itself as the ultimate effect for those looking to send their tone into a sonic frenzy. There’s also an expression pedal input for external control over the effect, as well as an internal trimmer pot to control gain.


Check out how the effect sounds below.





Catalinbread is distributed in Australia via Gladesville Guitar Factory.