AKG announce new foldaway studio headphones

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AKG announce new foldaway studio headphones

The K275, K245 and K175 have further been tested to destruction to make sure that the all metal body of the headphones are built to last.


Boasting an adjustable headband, floating ear cups and secure fit seal, the new AKG range looks to be the most comfortable series yet. These headphones are built for studio use, packing all the punches you’d expect from your audio producer’s best headsets. 



The K275 and K245 have 50mm transducers for greater low frequency extension and more detailed bass reproduction with the major difference between the two over-ear sets being the open back of the former.


The K175 still operates with 40mm transducers, meaning the difference isn’t too great for the on-ear option in the series.


AKG are distributed in Australia through CMI Music & Audio.