Australian Guitarist Develops New Guitar App

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Australian Guitarist Develops New Guitar App


His app kind of gives guitarists a teacher in their pocket, and Tristan says there is a special emphasis on time. “I created the Guitar Get Up app because in my many years of teaching, I have found the students that really practice their timing, tend to have a more professional sound,” he said.


“I’m not only talking about being in time to a metronome or a song; I’m talking about using half time, full time and double time. This essentially gives you more dynamics and flexibility playing all styles. The combination of playing in three different stages of timing simply brings a three-dimensional quality, providing a more professional sound.”


Designed as a learning platform focusing on getting the basics absolutely right, Guitar Get Up allows you to play along to backing tracks recorded especially for the app at four different tempos and in five different keys. Whilst not giving the greatest range for diverse learning, by the time a player has mastered all of the different options they should have a fairly solid platform to build their guitar playing on.


If you’ve ever wanted to start playing guitar but didn’t really want to interact with a real-life human teacher, or if you just like the convenience and price, this might be perfect for you. The app is available now on the Australian app store for iOS devices, so you’ll be one step closer to being a guitar god in no time.



For more information, check out their Facebook page. You can download Guitar Get Up on the iTunes store here