The MIDI Guitar That Can Be Controlled By Waving Your Hand

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The MIDI Guitar That Can Be Controlled By Waving Your Hand

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Made by guitar builder/craftsman Rapolas Grazys, the Lava Drop is made from a single piece of Merbau wood while being fitted with aluminium. Baring the function of a MIDI guitar, the 25.5 inch scale neck comes with 24 jumbo frets and as the name suggest, it is made with inlays from hardened volcanic lava. The Lava Drop X bares a weird shape, though it produces a perfectly shaped sound.

When connected and paired with running production software, you the player can alter the pitch or assign MIDI sounds just with the movement of your hand, with in-built lasers which are fitted at the back and front of the guitar registering and translating your movements. 


Grazys also adds to his design by showcasing the Drop – and the Drop +, which are fitted with a sapele wood body, and a 25.8 inch neck with a Schaller Tremolo bridge. Both ranges add to the futuristic look by being fretless, and an ebony based fretboard to glide up and down with.


Although a great initiative, it is still in the beginning phases, with Grazys launching a Kickstarter campaign. He’s set the price at $2100US for the Lava Drop -, $2300 for Drop + and $3,290 for the Drop x. Grazys is planning on shipping in December if all goes to plan.


Watch below to see how to Lava Drop works.


For more details and to contribute to the Kickstarter, click here