Bogner Launches New Overdrive + Boost Pedal

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Bogner Launches New Overdrive + Boost Pedal


Over recent years, Reinhold Bogner has been breathing new forms of life into the amp design-based company. The notable La Grange, encompasses a variety of sounds from its sharp mid-60s plexi tone to the newly modded 90s tone built in through a three-way gain switch and channel blend setting.

Mimicking a 67-69 Plexi four-input system, the La Grange brings thunderous ecstasy with own separate boost, that can act independently with or without the pedals own drive. The mustard yellow box preaches versatility and allows the player to dip into different classic tones. 


Adding to its variety of sounds and flexible range is the Variac mode, which engages additional dynamic compression and enhanced harmonics, which fits a more EVH-style ‘brown sound’. The La Grange is accompanied with a presence switch and structure switch which allows further increases in the flexibility of tonal options.


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