Fender Announce Digital Mod Shop, Australia Misses Out

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Fender Announce Digital Mod Shop, Australia Misses Out

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Fender’s initiate to move to a digital platform has sparked interest for many. The new Mod Shop allows players to select and build their own guitar or bass from scratch and customise it to their liking.


With the chose of a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass or Jazz Bass, the player has the freedom to select a variety of options pertaining to the look, feel and sound of the instrument. The Fender Mod Shop gives you the option to flip from right-handed to left-handed, and can also give you the chose of different types of wood. As this is only just the beginning, Fender has limited the chose of cosmetic options with only 9 colours to choose from.


CEO of Fender Musical Corp. Andy Mooney states.’ The more comfortable you are with your guitar, the better you play. Mod shop grants the ability and convenience to create a factory-manufactured model truly tailored to your personal preferences. With Mod shop, you get exactly what you want, in every way.’


Though the notion of allowing players to personalise their guitar poses as a great triumph for Fender fans, it seems that it may only be available in the United States. Hopefully with the presence of such a massive manufacture as Fender, this will hopefully reach our shores in the not so distant future and expand globally.


The Fender Customer Mod shop is available in the U.S now, with models starting roughly from $2277.68 – $2440.46AUD.


For us folk down south that always seem to miss out on everything, we can at least see the Fender Mod Shop in action in the clip below and pretend we are ordering our brand new custom-built Telecaster. 


For more details on the range of Fender products, head to Fender.com.