Black Cat Pedals Announce Monster K-Fuzz Stompbox

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Black Cat Pedals Announce Monster K-Fuzz Stompbox

monster fuzz 2.jpg

The new stompbox is the latest in the line of remakes of the original Kay Fuzztone pedal from the 1960s, and is the first to be featured in a “pedalboard friendly” enclosure. The sound is reminiscent of the Kay pedal but is also very flexible, and can go from vintage fuzz sounds to “fire breathing monster fuzz”, to use the description from the company themselves. 


Whilst it forgoes the original Crybaby-style look, the functionality is retained by incorporating an input for an expression pedal to control the fuzz frequency. The bright orange colour also pays homage to the original, and with three-way toggle switching for clipping and voicing, input gain adjustment control and true bypass, this looks like one hell of a pedal.


For more information on Black Cat products, visit Global Vintage.