Behringer officially announce the TD-3 acid clone

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Behringer officially announce the TD-3 acid clone

Available in three colours.

After being teased with a not-very-subtle advertisement last week, Behringer have gone ahead and unveiled the TD-3 – a faithful analogue clone of Roland’s classic TB-303 monophonic bass synthesiser.

If you’re familiar with Roland’s orginal acid box – and you should be – you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Behringer have stayed true to the design of the original unit with their TD-3. Boasting sawtooth and square VCO waveforms, you’ll be able to hone in on all those squelchy acid tones with ease here, with Behringer even basing the VCA and VCF on the original design for ultimate acid authenticity.

Although the design and aesthetic of the TD-3 mirrors that of the TB-303 near perfectly, Behringer have added a few little tweaks to make things a little more exciting for the user. There’s an extra audio input to the filter and an inbuilt distortion circuit in the top half of the unit based on the Boss DS-1, letting you add extra snarl into your sequences without needing to run excessive pedals in your rig. There’s also the extremely useful addition of sequence edit functionality via USB through the Behringer Synth Tool, which could be great for fine-tuning sophisticated sequences for recording tracks.

If that’s not enough, Behringer have also made the TD-3 available in a range of funky colours, with Silver, Red and Blue variants available to purchase. We’ve heard that these ones are expected to arrive in stores within the next month – acid for Christmas? Sounds good to me!

Behringer products are distributed in Australia via Australis Music