BABY Audio launch the Super VHS lo-fi plugin

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BABY Audio launch the Super VHS lo-fi plugin

We’ve seen a lot of lo-fi and vintage plugins launched in recent years to keep up with the increasing demand for producers looking to inject some warmth into their sterile digital tracks. Containing six individual one-knob effects, BABY Audio’s Super VHS looks to expand on the offerings of other developers by creating an easy-to-use lo-fi plugin with a vibrant, inviting interface, making it suitable even for the greenest of producers looking to explore gritty analogue textures in their DAW.



As well as including parameters for Mix and Output, the Super VHS features controls for Static, Heat, Shape, Drift, Wash and Magic, with an EQ, bit-crusher and limiter also being thrown into the equation for some extra sauce. Static essentially acts as a noise generator, while Heat gives you that classic tape saturation sound, which perfectly complements the gritty hall reverb sounds of the Wash function. Elsewhere, Drift introduces a wobbly pitch vibrato, Shape decreases your overall sample rate and Magic emulates a lush Juno 106-style chorus.




Given how much we we enjoyed the I HEART NYC compressor when it came out a few months ago, we’re definitely keen to put the Super VHS to work on some of our tracks soon. BABY Audio seem like they’ve got the potential to make a big stir in this sector, and it’s exciting to see developers like these cook up awesome, affordable plugins like these. 


Download a demo version of the Super VHS plugin at BABY Audio today.