Audio-Technica releases AT-LP7 fully manual belt-drive turntable

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Audio-Technica releases AT-LP7 fully manual belt-drive turntable

With a 56-year heritage of high quality audio products, Audio-Technica understands the importance the cartridge plays in delivering high-quality sound from the vinyl. The AT-LP7 turntable is supplied as standard with Audio-Technica’s VM520EB Dual Moving Magnet phono cartridge, featuring their exclusive dual magnet design.


This incorporates having the two magnets each precisely positioned above both the left and right stereo channels within the groove wall of the record, allowing for excellent stereo imaging and channel seperation. The VM520EB’s stylus is also easily interchangeable with with any of the six styli in the VM line, giving listeners the ability to upgrade their stylus to suit their needs without needing to replace the cartridge as a whole.


The AT-LP7 also comes with a switchable phono/line level preamp with selectable MM/MC (Moving Magnet/Moving Coil) capabilities built into the player to allow it to be used in a wide array of audio setups the listener might have available to them, from powered speakers and studio monitors to home entertainment systems or A/V receivers lacking a dedicated phono input.


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