Walrus Audio releases updated Luminary Quad Octave Generator

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Walrus Audio releases updated Luminary Quad Octave Generator

Makers of powerful and tactile boutique pedals Walrus Audio have expanded upon a fan favourite with the release of their versatile Luminary Quad Octave Generator V2. In giving the pedal yet more functionality by revising many of its key parameters, it’s given it increased versatility across a wide array of musical styles and genres.


The pedal now has an enhanced flutter knob which will allow users to shape a tremelo effect into their multi-octave soundscapes, alongside extended attack times for the octave bloom and a revised low-pass filter envelope. Another important tweak to the pedal is the inclusion of Smart Momentary Bypassing, allowing the Luminary to toggle between momentary switching and latching depending on how long the player’s foot is held on the bypass switch.


Couple this with the original Luminary’s ability to store three seperate presets and option to control via expression pedal, and the scope for the user’s sonic experimentation is ever more vast and diverse. The sharper and more focused graphic on the face of the pedal directly reflects this world famous company’s attention to detail in consistently refining their products.



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