API debut the 2500+ Bus Compressor

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API debut the 2500+ Bus Compressor

While there’s no huge changes to the formula here, API have tweaked the 2500+ to ensure it does hold up a bit stronger in a modern studio environment. The unit now features a Blend/Mix circuit to offer parallel mixing of wet and dry signals, as well as a cross fader mode that lets you switch from 100% compressed to 100% uncompressed with a volume fade between each side. This essentially enables you to get parallel compression, which is definitely a noted improvement on the original. 


Elsewhere, the API 2500+ boasts an expanded threshold range of +20dB to -20 dB, as well as a bit of extra headroom in the output stage. Everything else remains true to the original, including that punchy THRUST filter and those killer op amps that make for such a killer compression rack unit in the first place. 


Check out the API 2500+ in further detail here. API is distributed in Australia via Audio Chocolate.