Fender’s Tom Morello Soul Power Stratocaster is out now

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Fender’s Tom Morello Soul Power Stratocaster is out now

Given that his original Soul Power Strat currently resides in the Rock & Roll Of Fame, it only seems fitting for Morello to receive an Artist Signature model as replacement for his Audioslave-era weapon of choice. Morello discussed the creation of the guitar in a statement released today, saying “This Fender Soul Power signature guitar is made to my exact specifications and is an authentic replica of the instrument that forged my sound in Audioslave.”



“That was a period of renewed artistic freedom and limitless expression on the guitar for me and Soul Power was the sonic divining rod leading the way. Just as important as getting the specs right however is the charitable/social justice component of my collaboration with Fender. Together we are giving away hundreds of guitars to underprivileged schools and to the Jail Guitar Doors prison rehabilitation program to help unlock creative doors and create better (and louder) futures.”


Featuring a bound-top alder body with a Deep C maple neck and 9.5″-14″ compound radius rosewood 22 fret fingerboard, the Soul Power Stratocaster also boasts a killer matching headstock and a Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo for all those dank divebombs. It’s loaded with two Fender noiseless single-coils, a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails bridge humbucker and a custom kill switch so you can make that sick stutter tone Morello is famous for.



Fender have also shared a video with Morello discussing the origins of the guitar, as well as a reflection on his time with Audioslave and relationship with Chris Cornell. There’s also plenty of footage of Morello jamming on some classic Audioslave and RATM-inspired riffs – it’s a must-watch for any musician.


Head to Fender’s website to check out the Soul Power Stratocaster today.