Alesis DM10X Mesh Kit Price Drop

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Alesis DM10X Mesh Kit Price Drop


The DM10X Mesh Kit is Alesis’ top of the line electronic drumkit. It’s a 6-piece, with dual-ply mesh heads, two crash cymbals, ride and hats. The rack is polished chrome, with heavy duty drum mounts and it comes standard with an isolated snare stand (reducing the chances of crosstalk between drum heads). Compared to the DM10 Studio Mesh, all the drums on the ‘X’ get upgraded in size: 12” snare and double floor toms, 10” top toms – all with active rims. The cymbals have also been pimped out in size, are all chokable and the ride is triple zone. If you haven’t had a chance to play on the Alesis mesh kits yet, you’re missing out – as the value for money simply cannot be ignored. 


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