Dixon PSNK902 Drum Throne

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Dixon PSNK902 Drum Throne


No longer are Dixon “just the guys that make that great cheap hardware”, they now are true players in the professional drum and percussion market. From the introduction of their competitive feature packed mid-priced drum sets, through to the exquisite beauty of the Artisan kits and the unique new Jet Set kits reviewed last issue, Dixon drums and hardware are on the move. One of the latest products to arrive in their top end range is the PSNK902 professional drum throne.


As you’d expect from Dixon, this is a feature packed product at a super competitive price. The first thing you notice is the super heavy gauge steel construction and the oversized rubber feet to minimise movement and stabilise the throne. The spin shaft centre post with dual locking mechanism ensures infinite height adjustability with absolute rock solid stability. You won’t find this throne rocking and wobbling around as you play. The contoured Cordura Vinyl throne top is featured in a cycle style seat and its super comfy without being too hard. A drum stool is often one of the last items on the purchase list, and we’re so often willing to spend a fortune on our drums, and nothing on our throne. I mean, if you’re not comfy when you’re playing, it compromises everything. 


For more info, visit www.dynamicmusic.com.au.