Ableton Promises Big Improvements To Push With Version 9.7

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Ableton Promises Big Improvements To Push With Version 9.7


Abelton continues to push the boundaries, always improving and seeking new ways to ‘push’ music making and performance with the new version 9.7. The update will give more options for sample manipulation, include new drum layouts and an assortment of on-screen workflow improvements for slicing, recording and programming.


Still currently in beta testing, version 9.7 is due for release later this year, though no information has been added as of yet. The new plus improvements work with loopers and tap tempo, with more hands-on audio routing to help you select and record ins and out directly from Push for sampling,


In addition the new Push Beta version 9.7 gives you more visual feedback for tighter recordings and better playability – having sensitive pads that adapt to what you’re playing.


The Abelton Push Beta Version 9.7 will be free for all owners of Live 9, but for people not wanting to stick around until then, you can test it out now through the Abelton beta community.


To find out more about Abelton products visit the CMI website.