Keeley Electronics Unveil Zappa-Inspired Pedal

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Keeley Electronics Unveil Zappa-Inspired Pedal


The pedal combines a whole range of effects to create a unit like no other before it really, with filter, phase and flange controls all onboard. Even more impressive is the fact that the phase and flange controls are dynamic and change with the attack of your picking. They only turn on when you play the strings, eliminating that ungodly whooshing when the guitar isn’t being played that many modulation pedals have.

Inspired by the MicMix DynaFlanger used by Zappa, the flanger section offers negative and positive feedback and sensitivity control, allowing you to dial a range of tones. The phase section is a combination of two phasers, one with an LFO, the speed of which is set by the Rate Control, and a true dynamic phaser.


The depth of both the flanger and the phaser are dynamically controlled by the playing of the user. The filter is the only effect that can’t be controlled dynamically, but it does have sensitivity control, which allows you to adjust the vintage synth style bandpass filter


This is one of the more interesting pedals I’ve seen, and whilst some of the sounds in the demo below are a little bit cheesy, there is plenty on offer that lead-guitarists would love to mess around with. Described as ‘neo-vintage effects that never were’, the pedal is supposedly able to be played ‘like an extension of your mind and fingers’, and would be equally at home on a guitarists pedalboard or in the studio of a synth-pop producer.



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