Pro Music now importing SOHO Sound Company and Torque Case Co.

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Pro Music now importing SOHO Sound Company and Torque Case Co.

SOHO Sound Company
Words by Mixdown staff

Pro Music Australia is now importing SOHO Sound Company into Australia. Based in the UK, and born over a beer at the pub, SOHO Sound Company produce personal audio products for music lovers.

SOHO Sound Company

The SOHO Sound Company 2.6 Wireless Bluetooth Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones are available in both black and white, their 40mm NdFeB speakers providing powerful and crisp sound. The 2.6s offer up to 100 hours of use off a single charge, all charge via USB-C.

Levelling up, the SOHO 45 Wireless headphones, like their little brother the 2.6’s, feature active noise cancelling technology and TWS (True Wireless Sound). The 45s have full control on the headphone cups themselves, crystal clear microphone for hands free speech, all arriving safely with 100% recycled packaging.

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For a sleeker solution, SOHO also have wireless stereo bluetooth solution in the W1. The W1s, “earbuds that can charge your mobile phone”, work via Bluetooth V5.0, with an operating distance of 10m. They respond with everything from 20-20KHZ, allowing for full-range, crystal clear sound.

Finally, there’s a really special one. The SOHO Cylinders are stereo bluetooth speakers, that can be used in pairs or on their own. Buy a pair for independent use around the house, then combine for wide, full-range stereo sound for a house party.

Torque Case Co.

Torque produce world-class hard cases for a variety of instruments. They provide protection for ukuleles, guitars, violins and mandolins, as well as road cases for things like microphones and rack equipment.

Their range of cases are produced with eco-friendly ABS plastic, nylon exteriors, tolex and more!

For more info, visit Pro Music Australia.