Hanging with Openhagen HangWithMe guitar hangers

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Hanging with Openhagen HangWithMe guitar hangers

Words by Mixdown staff

Guitar hangers can be a really tough purchase. Not only do they need to cradle and support your guitar, prevent it from falling and be easy to use so you can grab your guitar when inspiration strikes, but different materials can harm the finish on your guitar!

Openhagen understand this and seamlessly blend form and function, turning the often-ugly  guitar hanger into a beautiful accessory. Imported and distributed by Koala Audio, Openhagen have three main offerings available. Their HangWithMe design is available for acoustic guitars, electric guitars and ukuleles.

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Designed by Harrit-Sorensen, the HangWithMe hanger features a foldable design so that when not in use, the hanger isn’t an eyesore. Comprised of solid wood with oiled cork and anodised aluminium, the hanger itself is beautiful and robust while also innovating the hanger.

The main guitar hanger will suit most guitars, acoustic and electric, with symmetric headstocks. The Electric Guitar hanger is more suitable for asymmetric guitars like a Strat or more high-performance electrics. Securely mounted to the wall with two screws, the Openhagen HangWithMe both protects your guitar’s finish thanks to the cork, while the design itself is secured to the wall with an intelligent design that can be folded away if needed. In their own words, stop your house from looking like a practice space!

For smaller-stringed aficionados, there’s a ukulele mount that’ll work great for your mandolin, banjo or your ukulele. Depending on your choice of HangWithMe hanger, you can choose from Cherry, Oak, Walnut or Black finishes. 

For local enquiries, visit Koala Audio.