Preorder THE MINIMOOG BOOK, detailing 50+ years of electronic music history

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Preorder THE MINIMOOG BOOK, detailing 50+ years of electronic music history

The Minimoog Book
Words by Mixdown staff

THE MINIMOOG BOOK is an artful blend of music history, tech, design & pop culture.

Born in a pile of spare parts and rising to conquer the music world, there has never been any instrument like the Minimoog. Read the story of a musical icon, seen through the eyes of the engineers who built it, the artists who played it, and the visionaries who continue to support its legacy.

Earlier this month, Danish independent book publisher Bjooks revealed the title and topic of their newest music history deep-dive, THE MINIMOOG BOOK, which takes an extensive look into the journey of the Minimoog synthesizer.

“We’re pulling back the curtain on the history of one of the most iconic electronic instruments ever,” the author, designer, and electronic musician said of the storied monosynth. “The Minimoog’s significance is undeniable. This instrument was never restricted to just one type of music; it’s been used in jazz, rock, pop, experimental, etc. It was the first real, universally adopted synthesizer — and it changed the face of popular music.”

The book’s development — with more than 70 artist features, dozens of sound diagrams, and hundreds of historical and new images — has been in the works for over a decade.

THE MINIMOOG BOOK is a comprehensive look at the synthesizer that helped define modern music like no other. It blends thoroughly researched articles, exclusive interviews, and historical insights with never-before-seen photographs and schematics.

Throughout the book’s 368+ pages, readers will experience a deep dive into the history and mystery of the Minimoog, meeting the artists who have relied on its tone and character in their music from 1970 to present day. The secrets of the Minimoog’s unparalleled sound, the evolution of its manufacturing, and stories from the engineers who were there are now all in one place as a complete work for the first time.

Now available to preorder through Kickstarter, this release is a monumental one for Bjooks founder Kim Bjørn.