New Antelope Audio dynamics plugins part of Synergy Core Native

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New Antelope Audio dynamics plugins part of Synergy Core Native

Antelope Audio Synergy Core
Words by Mixdown staff

These plugins include the Diode 609, VP Drum-All-Nite, VP Gate Keeper II, and VP Brainiac II, each meticulously designed to cater to modern producers and mixing engineers.

Antelope Audio, an industry leader in high-end audio production technology, including audio interfaces, reference clocks, modelling mics, monitor speakers and audio plugins, is thrilled to announce the release of four new compressor plugins, adding unparalleled versatility and sonic excellence to the Synergy Core Native collection.

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Diode 609

The Diode 609 plugin is a perfect fusion of the 80s sonic character with modern-day control. Antelope Audio modelled this after the iconic diode compressor that has defined countless hit records over the past four decades, the Diode 609 brings its renowned creamy, thick, and smooth sound to the digital realm. This plugin is a versatile tool, ideal for individual sound sources and overall session glue. With advanced control options and additional features tailored for today’s production needs, the Diode 609 is set to become a staple in any producer’s arsenal.

VP Drum-All-Nite

VP Drum-All-Nite is a powerhouse plugin designed for aggressive drum compression. Capable of massive gain reduction with minimal distortion, this plugin is a must-have for those seeking a unique drum sound with unbeatable punch. Perfect for drums, electric guitars, bass, or vocals, the VP Drum All-Nite excels in both parallel and serial signal chains. The Limiter settings allow for precise control over transients, making this plugin an essential tool for dynamic and energetic drum production.

VP Gate Keeper II

The VP Gate Keeper II is not just a gate; it’s an expansive tool that can transform your sound. Perfect for cleaning up unwanted artifacts while preserving musicality and dynamics, this plugin shines in Expander mode. Ideal for transient-heavy sources like drums and guitars, the VP Gate Keeper II breathes new life into flat recordings. Its intuitive control set offers versatility for both subtle adjustments and extreme sound shaping, making it a creative tool for sound design as well.

VP Brainiac II

Inspired by a legendary 1971 studio unit, the VP Brainiac II offers unmatched speed and musicality. This VCA compressor is designed for fast transient grabbing, making it perfect for dynamic sources such as vocals, drums, and acoustic instruments. The plugin features a unique Release Mode switch, allowing for linear or logarithmic response, and a peak reversion correction circuitry that maintains low-end integrity during heavy compression. The VP Brainiac II combines the best of vintage design with modern precision, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any studio setup.

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