Behringer are thinking about a Fairchild re-issue!

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Behringer are thinking about a Fairchild re-issue!

Behringer Fairchild
Words by Mixdown staff

Posted to their Instagram profile this week, the post sparked conversation around re-issues overall.

Behringer are known for producing high-quality re-issues of, ahem… ‘less financially accessible’ pieces of equipment. While recently they’ve addressed some contreversy around re-issued synths, Behringer has stood fast in their mission to provide access to musical equipment to everyone. Using more widely available parts and building to exacting specs, Behringer are in no way trying to say that their re-issues and clones are a 1:1 version of the famous equipment they’re inspired by. They’re instead creating tools for creators, that sound great regardless of how close they sound to the classics.

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Posted on their Instagram this week, Behringer asked their audience what they thought of the design, price point and idea. Opinions are mixed, with an equal amount of “Yes please!”, mixed with “No!” and a generous amount of people asking for more modern additions like a mix knob, digital recall and more to be added to the vintage-style design. The Instagram caption read as follows:

“We’ve been releasing some really high-end signal processors recently, and many of you have asked about reviving the Fairchild 670, the holy grail of all compressors/limiters.

This extremely complex and difficult unit contains a large number of vacuum tubes. We believe we could produce this sought-after piece of equipment for under $1,500.

Before we embark on this journey, we’d like to gather your feedback. Would you be interested in us creating this unit?
Let us know your thoughts!

P.S. We can’t promise to make this unit and for now, we’re only gathering customer feedback.”

For local enquiries, visit Australis Music.


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