Turns out The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. auditioned for Stranger Things

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Turns out The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. auditioned for Stranger Things

Chatting with The Fader, Hammond Jr. revealed he auditioned for the sci-fi series everyone is talking about – and even got a callback.


“I did a taped audition for Stranger Things 2, and I got a callback, and I had to do that same audition – two scenes – in front of someone,” said Hammond Jr. “It’s like, you know, classic LA. It’s people reciting their lines, all dressed a little different, thinking what the part would be.


“When you first do something and you’re nervous, time happens very weirdly and you don’t really understand your movements. You can’t sense yourself, things just happen. And then it starts to slow down, and slow down the more you do it, and you can really feel the energy in the room …”



Hammond Jr. went on to note how the audition influenced his music career and his new solo album, Francis Trouble.


“It gave me a new way to look at it when I came back to doing music, and I was freer. I became the person I always wanted to be on stage,” he said. “The child I was when I fell in love with music, how it affected me, that’s how I am on stage now. That’s how I feel like the acting interacted with music.”


Personally, we would’ve loved to see The Strokes’ guitarist facing up to the weird and wonderful happenings of Hawkins, Indiana – but we’ll settle for seeing him at his headline shows in Australia next month instead.


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