There’s a new death metal band dedicated to Seinfeld

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There’s a new death metal band dedicated to Seinfeld

Comprised of ex- and current members of Wretched, Alterbeast, The Kennedy Veil and Rivers of Nihil, Grindfeld marries death metal with Seinfeld references for an unlikely, but spectacular combination.


The band will release their aptly-titled debut EP 5 Songs about Nothing to pay tribute to “the quintessential time in our collective generations’ upbringing”. The press release accompanying Grindfeld’s introduction is a stroke of genius, packed full of references and tributes for every Seinfeld fan.


“Born out of a mutual love of death metal, comical observations, coffee and hardcore, Grindfeld is a project built on the existential dread hidden just under the surface of daily life,” said the press release.


“For fans of: Death metal, coffee, pirate shirts, hardcore, grindcore, wasting your life poring over minutia of every single daily event, stand up comedy.


“Not for fans of: Kenny Bania, Nazis.”


The debut EP tracklist consists of songs dedicated to memorable Seinfeld episodes, including ‘The Soup Nazi’ and ‘The Bizarro Jerry’.


Happy Festivus.


You can pre-order Grindfeld’s debut EP 5 Songs about Nothing via Bandcamp. For more Seinfeld content, bask in the genius that is the Art Van Delay pedal.