Sattwa Arising creates an intimate and introspective journey with new album ‘Mind Theft’

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Sattwa Arising creates an intimate and introspective journey with new album ‘Mind Theft’

Boasting beautifully mastered instrumentals and ruminative honest lyricism, Turpie breaks open this new chapter with confidence, captivating listeners across 10 tracks exploring themes of anxiety, frustration, and devotion. Drawing heavily on his own real-life experiences, Turpie has elegantly created an introspective and intimate journey in a very specific, and sometimes quite a direct way.


Featuring high-energy guitars, melodic bass lines, moody synths, piano breaks, groovy beats and passionate, gravelly vocals throughout, Mind Theft beautifully stirs the melting pot of rock, jazz, blues and funk, creating depth of harmony and melody. Each song is a story of its own, taking you to a new place with each simmering verse.


“The music covers a broad range of sounds and styles because of my state of mind at various stages of writing,” Turpie explains.


“We experimented with sounds a lot on this album so it’s very diverse with many influences that I’m glad I could cover.”


A diversity of influences is no understatement, with nods to the likes of Paul McCartney, Hoodoo Gurus, Radiohead and everyone in between.


Recorded in Melbourne at Four4ty Studios with long-time producer Jarred Doueal, who Turpie credits on bringing a calming but encouraging sense to the studio, Mind Theft is an excellent collection of storytelling and expression, and a token of Turpie’s musical growth and maturity over the last 20 years.


The perfect salve for being stuck indoors, this one is best played loud.



Listen to Mind Theft below or find out more via ReverbNation