Great Gable, Glass Animals + more: five new releases to listen to this weekend

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Great Gable, Glass Animals + more: five new releases to listen to this weekend

Great Gable – Tracing Faces 

Perth indie rock four-piece Great Gable have more than certainly lived up to expecations with the release of their full-length debut Tracing Faces. With vibrant production courtesy of Matt Corby and Alex Henriksson, Great Gable shine across a breezy ten tracks, led by the charismatic tones of vocalist Alex Whiteman and drummer Callum Guy’s steady groove. With standout singles like ‘Blur’ and ‘All My Friends’ interlocking with album tracks like ‘Deep End’ and the amazing ‘No Other Way’ to wonderful effect, Tracing Faces shows all the makings of a band that are destined for big things, and if this is just the beginning, then boy we’re in for a ride.



Glass Animals – Dreamland 

After nearly losing drummer Joe Seaward in a road accident in 2018, Glass Animals have bounced back into the spotlight with Dreamland: their sugar-sweet, ambitious third album that sees frontman Dave Bayley take listeners to dizzying new heights with his brand of psychedelic pop. Lyrically, Dreamland sees Bayley at his most vulnerable and tentative as he explores growing up and his flings with mortality, while the music itself is pure bombast, combining heavy 808s with chirpy samples and washed-out synths with an astounding production quality and mix to make for one of the most colourful long-players in months. 



In Hearts Wake – Kaliyuga 

Byron Bay metalcore titans In Hearts Wake have come through with another full-length stomper with Kaliyuga, a red hot effort that explores the human condition and our impact as a species upon the planet. Packed with grueling breakdowns, heavy instrumental passages and pieced together by singer Jake Taylor’s impassioned vocal performances, Kaliyuga proves once again that In Hearts Wake are at the pinnacle of Australia’s modern metal climate. Perhaps more importantly, In Hearts Wake made sure that Kaliyuga was entirely carbon neutral, with the band measuring every power socket, light bulb and measurement of resources consumed in the process of making the album to offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in WA, while the record is also packaged and manufactured without any plastic – these guys definitely have their hearts in the right place, and we hope to see more bands follow suit. 



 Deep Purple – Whoosh! 

Yes! Deep Purple! The legendary hard rockers are back at it with Whoosh!, their onomatopoeic new record and the band’s 21st studio effort since forming in 1968. If you were expecting anything new from the UK hard-rockers this far into their careers, this definitely isn’t the album for you – as you’d expect, there’s virtuosic licks galore, overly bombastic rock ‘n roll cliches in abundance, and a whole lot of fist-pumping hard rock tunes to boot. It’s not their best effort by any measure, but Whoosh! shows that Deep Purple are still more than adept in making overly fun, slightly silly rock music. A certified dad rock slammer that’s best enjoyed with a pint of lager at 5pm on the porch. 



Daniel Donato – A Young Man’s Country 

Did someone say country? Rising guitar sensation Daniel Donato has shared his debut record A Young Man’s Country, showcasing his fancy fretwork and offering a glimpse at a promising new direction for contemporary country in the post-Lil Nas X era. There’s more than a few boot-scooters peppered across this project and many a certified yeehaw songwriting moment, but the focus tends to revolve around Donato’s ability as a guitarist, with his blend of fancy chicken picking and psychedelic modes – a sound he’s previously described as ‘cosmic country’ – dominating the near-hour long effort. It’s not a diamond in the rough by any measure, but there’s definitely some chops to be learnt from Donato’s playing on A Young Man’s Country, and if anything, it points towards a promising career for the young shredder in the States. Yeehaw indeed. 



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