Drake just broke another Beatles record previously held for 54 years

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Drake just broke another Beatles record previously held for 54 years

As reported by Billboard, the Canadian rapper’s appearance on Bad Bunny’s ‘MIA’ marks his 12th entry into the Billboard Top 100 for 2018, overtaking the Beatles’ 11 inclusions in the chart in one calendar year to break the long-standing record.



The Beatles chalked up 11 Top 100 tracks in 1964, including ‘Twist and Shout’, ‘Love Me Do’, and ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. Fast forward 54 years and Drake’s viral hits such as ‘In My Feelings’ and ‘God’s Plan’ have pushed him over the line to claim another record previously held by the Beatles. See which songs made the charts for each artist below:


Drake (2018)

  • ‘God’s Plan’ (No. 1, February 3)
  • ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ (No. 7, February 3)
  • ‘Look Alive (BlocBoy JB feat. Drake) (No. 5, March 3)
  • ‘Walk It Talk It (Migos feat. Drake)’ (No. 10, April 14)
  • ‘Nice for What’ (No. 1, April 21)
  • ‘Yes Indeed (Lil Baby & Drake)’ (No. 6, June 2)
  • ‘Nonstop’ (No. 2, July 14)
  • ‘I’m Upset’ (No. 7, July 14)
  • ‘Emotionless’ (No. 8, July 14)
  • ‘Don’t Matter to Me (Drake feat. Michael Jackson)’ (No. 9, July 14)
  • ‘In My Feelings’ (No. 1, July 21)
  • ‘MIA (Bad Bunny feat. Drake)’ (No. 5, October 27)


The Beatles (1964)

  • ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ (No. 1, February 1)
  • ‘Please Please Me’ (No. 3, March 14)
  • ‘She Loves You’ (No. 1, March 21)
  • ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ (No. 1, April 4)
  • ‘Twist and Shout’ (No. 2, April 4)
  • ‘Do You Want to Know a Secret’ (No. 2, May 9)
  • ‘Love Me Do’ (No. 1, May 30)
  • ‘P.S. I Love You’ (No. 10, June 6)
  • ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (No. 1, August 1)
  • ‘I Feel Fine’ (No. 1, December 26)
  • ‘She’s a Woman’ (No. 4, December 26)



Earlier this year, Drake surpassed the Fab Four’s record of five singles taking out a place on the Billboard chart simultaneously with seven of his own tracks making the cut for the Top 100.


With two months left in 2018, there’s every chance Drake is set to redefine history and take out the prize for some of music’s most enduring records. As for whether this puts him among the ranks of the Greatest Of All Time with the Beatles – we’ll leave that one for you to decide.


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