Magic Dirt cover The Saints (I’m) Stranded for Mushroom Records 50 Singles

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Magic Dirt cover The Saints (I’m) Stranded for Mushroom Records 50 Singles

Magic Dirt
Words by Jack O'Shea Ayres

First formed in 1972 by a 19-year-old Michael Gudinski, Mushroom commemorates half a century of timeless music throughout 2023, uniting artists and paying homage to the group’s stellar catalogue of music. 

In celebration of Australian punk rock history, Mushroom Group has unveiled the latest jewel in its Mushroom 50 project: a reimagined version of The Saints’ legendary track “(I’m) Stranded”, reinterpreted by Magic Dirt. 

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Frontwoman Adalita of Magic Dirt exudes an undeniable reverence for the track and its cultural significance:

This is an Aussie punk rock anthem. It’s ingrained in our musical heritage, both as a band and as Australian musicians. This song and the album played a pivotal role in cementing Australia’s reputation as pioneers of punk and alternative rock; it opened the gates, and everyone else followed. “(I’m) Stranded” is dear to our hearts. Its attitude and subject matter resonate instantly – it speaks to alienated youth seeking an escape. It’s relentless from the get-go, weaving and spinning, propelling you into a frenzy. It’s hypnotic, cathartic, and irresistibly catchy.

Released in 1976, “(I’m) Stranded” marked the groundbreaking debut single for Brisbane’s The Saints. Notably, this track found a dedicated following that included musical luminaries like Nick Cave and Bob Geldof. In the UK, the influential music paper Sounds hailed it as the “single of this and every week.”

The enduring connection between The Saints and Mushroom Group dates back to their inception. The songwriting behind “(I’m) Stranded” is represented by Mushroom Music Publishing, and The Saints inked a deal with Mushroom Records in the ’80s, releasing acclaimed albums like All Fools Day – their highest-charting record, and Prodigal Son.

As Mushroom Group continues its year-long exploration of musical history with the Mushroom 50 project, fans can eagerly anticipate more thrilling reinterpretations of classic tracks, ensuring the legacy of these unforgettable songs endures, captivating both longtime enthusiasts and a new generation of listeners. The reimagined “(I’m) Stranded” by Magic Dirt stands as a testament to the enduring power of music and the profound influence of Australian punk rock on the global stage.